The Association generally follows the rules of the Senior Softball USA Association. While membership in the SSUSA is not required, players are asked to familiarize themselves with the rules of that association.

Official 2015 Senior Softball-USA Rulebook

There are rules that are specific to the Corpus Christi Senior Softball Association and there are even special rules for each of the leagues. The following rules apply to all leagues:
  1. Maximum of 3 Home Runs allowed in a game
    Only 3 home runs are allowed by each team in the game, any ball hit over the fence is a single. Runners must touch one base for homeruns.
  2. Pitchers MUST wear a mask
    To avoid injuries, all pitchers must wear a protective mask.
  3. Pitchers can stand up to 10 feet behind the rubber
    To avoid injuries, a pitcher may stand no further than 10 feet from the pitching rubber.
  4. Can not step on home plate or green mat
    To score a run, a player must run to a plate separated from Home Plate at the same distance from third base. This is to avoid collisions of players at Home Plate.
  5. Can not Run into a dugout
    In running through third base, runners will be called out if they inadvertently enter the dugout.
  6. If a team is short players they may pick up palyers.
    All leagues can up to 10 players. All picks are places at the bottom of the order. If a team member shows up late, then the highest postion batter is replaced by the player belonging to that team. Teams are only allowed to pick up players for regular season games.
  7. All leagues must use SSUSA/SPA approved Play-off brackets.
    Brackets are defined on the admin website for commissioners. Forms for 4, 5, and 6 team brackets are located in the Forms tab above.

Specific for 55s, 60s,65

  1. 1-1 count
    Batters get 1 ball and 1 strike in the pitch count.
  2. Players that are drafted are eligable for playoffs.

Specific for 50s, 55s

  1. No Run through bases
    Runners must stop or slide at bases.

Specific for 60s 65s

  1. Run through Bases
    To avoid injuries, the players are allowed to run through each base in the same manner as one is allowed to run through first base. If a player runs through the base, he must return and touch the base he ran through before advancing to the next base.

  2. Play 11 players on the field only if both teams can play 11 without a pickup.